About Anatoly Vanetik

June 15, 2010

Renowned international businessman Anatoly Vanetik is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Vanetik & Associates, Inc., based in Irvine, California. In addition to over 20 years of success in the international oil and gas industry, Anatoly Vanetik has established a number of charitable organizations in Russia. In 1998, Anatoly Vanetik organized charitable lotteries to help churches in the Kaliningrad region of Russia. Anatoly Vanetik’s efforts led then-Governor of Kaliningrad, Leonid Gorbenko, to enact an edict on charitable lotteries. Anatoly Vanetik also established several national charities after playing a role in the enactment of President Vladimir Putin’s charitable lotteries directive in 2000. Anatoly Vanetik founded philanthropic organizations with mandates including eradicating illicit drugs, assisting child victims of war, restoring museums and theaters, protecting the environment, and introducing children to the arts. Anatoly Vanetik also contributes to the Salvation Army, United Way, and several Russian youth sports charities. Anatoly Vanetik began his philanthropic work after founding several successful companies. In 1990, Anatoly Vanetik founded InterNat, a joint venture with the Soviet Ministry of Oil Products and only the 13th joint public venture in the history of the USSR. That same year, Anatoly Vanetik and InterNat were appointed the sole North American representatives for the Russian Ministry of Oil Products. Additionally, Anatoly Vanetik founded a successful lubricant manufacturing company in 1992, Poladyne, Inc. Based in Irvine, California, Poladyne collaborated with Texaco, Mobil, and Unocal to create a suite of lubricants for sale in the Eurasian market. Anatoly Vanetik’s accomplishments led to a Businessman of the Year award in 1993, offered by prominent Russian publication, Delovye Lyudi (Former USSR Magazine). Furthermore, in 1995, Anatoly Vanetik was appointed to head negotiations between U.S. engineering firms and the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation for the destruction of Soviet-era nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. For the past 15 years, Anatoly Vanetik has managed Vanetik & Associates with an emphasis on the capitalization of natural resources. Vanetik & Associates has invested in oil and gas projects in Central Asia, in addition to mining ventures, real estate developments, clean technology, and Internet start-ups.


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June 15, 2010

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